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Environmental protection malt cat litter made in Hong Kong

​ECO Malt Cat Litter


​Why malt cat litter?

The significance of sugar removal for improving the health of cats has reached a consensus in terms of dietary habits. But have you ever imagined that the concept of sugar removal is also crucial to cat litter?

Cats will habitually lick their hands to clean after digging sand in the toilet, so cat litter will inevitably be eaten by cats by mistake. Since it will be ingested into the body, if the sugar content in cat litter is too high, it will bring a bad burden to the cat's body. In addition, cat litter with high sugar content is more likely to breed bacteria and insects after being mixed with cat excrement, which brings double hazards to the health of cats and owners, as well as home hygiene.

In this regard, BioPeTech focused on the malt residue in the beer industry. In the beer industry, malt only participates in the saccharification process and does not involve in the fermentation process. When it is discarded, only about 20-30% of the sugar remains. It is the best choice for making cat litter. For the remaining sugar, BioPeTech uses its unique de-sugar technology to transform it into environmentally friendly, safe and healthy malt cat litter products. Escort the cat's health and toilet environment.


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